SD Design Romanov Double Bridle Patent Black/White

$399.95 AUD



Our bridle is made of eco-friendly leather that is gentle on the environment without compromising on durability and aesthetics.

With our signature noseband shape, the SD Romanov Bridle is a real eye-catcher. It adds a subtle elegance to your horse's appearance and stands out from the crowd. The popular Romanov browband is designed with the perfect bow, which gives it a beautiful expression on your horse.

But it is not only the appearance that makes the SD Romanov Bridle unique. We have created a new innovative neck strap that is anatomically correct and focuses on your horse's comfort. All horses are unique in build and have different needs in the design/shape of the neck strap. This new design offers extra space behind the ear so we avoid pressure on the surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

To provide even more pressure relief on the horse's neck, the neck strap is made with memory foam. This molds to your horse's head and provides a tailored fit. Memory foam is constructed from a material that is sensitive to body heat. When the horse's neck comes into contact with memory foam, the foam reacts by softening and molding to the horse's contours. This creates a custom fit that minimizes pressure points and prevents discomfort and irritation.

With the SD Romanov Bridle, you not only get a beautiful and stylish bridle, but also a unique combination of comfort, functionality and sustainability. Our bridle is created to meet the highest standards and expectations in horse comfort as well as sustainability and design.

No reins included.

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