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Hairy Pony Flick Brush

$39.95 AUD


The Hairy Pony Flick Brush is the perfect brush for removing excess dust from your horse's coat. This large horse dust brush is best used before your Hairy Pony Body Brush, the Hairy Pony Flick Brush flicks off excess dust from your horse's coat using fine, flexible sisal natural fibres. Our largest brush yet, the Hairy Pony Flick Brush makes preparing your horse's coat for grooming quick & easy. The Flick Brush is also great for flicking sand off the horses body, legs and even work boots after exercising. 

Made with the same exceptional quality beechwood that you love, the ergonomic handcrafted handle ensures secure bristles, as well as being comfortable, easy to grip & another luxurious addition to your grooming kit.

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