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Equestrian Stockholm Bandage Pads Blue Meadow

$79.95 AUD



Equestrian Stockholm Bandage Pads have several unique features which make them perfect for keeping your horse´s legs comfortable and protected during training sessions. The amazing bamboo blended lining provides antibacterial properties which will help to prevent skin irritations. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties of Bamboo helps to keep your horse’s legs dry and comfortable during exercise. The excellent features of thermal regulation will help to keep the horses’ legs from overheating which will in turn protect the tendons and ligaments from injuries.

The bandage pads are made to be breathable, designed in an elegant navy blue colour and decorated with a satin stripe detail with a white printed Equestrian Stockholm logo. The durable and water-resistant (2000mm) ripstop fabric (600D) at the bottom provides impact protection. The D in 600D refers to denier, which is a unit used to measure fibre weight and thickness. A higher number means heavier, thicker yarn and more durable and tear resistant. Our Bandage Pads have 600 Denier polyester, it is a heavy duty fabric that can handle a lot of pressure.

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