Equestrian Stockholm Anatomic Glimmer Leather Halter Dark Venice

$239.95 AUD



Equestrian Stockholm Anatomic Leather Halter is developed with a wider neck piece that is anatomically padded to diffuse pressure to a larger area on the sensitive area of the horse’s poll. The anatomically designed shape of the halter will keep your horse comfortable and makes it perfect for competitions as well as for transport. The size can be easily and quickly adjusted on both the right and the left side of the horse’s head. Our luxurious anatomic competition halter is designed in an elegant denim blue color and decorated with beautiful black crystals along the whole front nose band which will make your horse look fabulous and stand out at tournaments.

The Equestrian Stockholm logo is beautifully engraved on the top of the neck piece and an ES stainless steel badge on both sides of the cheek band in a black color for added style. The material is created in 100% high quality buffalo leather. We use a sustainable dyeing process with fruits and vegetables, where no chemicals are used. Vegetable-dyed leather goods continue to soften and develop a beautiful varnish as they age.

Our Anatomic leather halter matches perfectly with the fleece rug Dark Venice, make your horse to the most stylish horse at the competition venue.

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