BR Equestrian Majestic Sascha Brushing Boots Mauve Wine

$99.95 AUD



These flexible BR horse boots Majestic are due to the soft lining suitable for horses with a sensitive skin prone to chafing. You can therefore use them every day before the start of your training for both the front and the hind legs. The boots are available in different colours to enable you to coordinate them nicely with the colour of your saddle cover.

The synthetic leather protector is very flexible, making it fit perfectly around the horse's leg. The soft synthetic sheepskin lining distributes the pressure optimally over the horse's leg. Because the lining is breathable, it prevents the leg from overheating during training. The shock-absorbing neoprene impact zone, in combination with the synthetic leather and the lining, protect and support the tendons of the horse.

Sold in pairs.

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