Acavallo Arena AluPlus 2.0 Stirrups Antique Rose

$399.95 AUD



Acavallo® aluminium stirrups with lateral opening. Lightweight and extremely resistant.

The Arena Aluplus 2.0 aluminium stirrups with patented lateral opening represent a new standard of performance and design in horse riding.

Made from high quality certified anodised aluminium, these stirrups feature a stainless steel tread, which is the result of meticulous material selection and combination carried out by Acavallo® through in-depth product research.

Stainless steel offers impeccable protection from corrosion, ensuring extraordinary product durability over time. The extended horizontal holes are an integral part of the design and prevent the accumulation of sand and dirt, ensuring unparalleled grip in any riding condition.

The thoughtful position of the locking and releasing mechanism opening, slightly above the tread, prevents any possibility of accidental slipping. Likewise, the opening mechanism positioned on top of the stirrups ensures reliable operation in emergency situations, preventing delays due to debris.

The five-degree inclination of the tread helps maintain correct posture while riding, relieving joint tension. The result is immediate relief for the knees and pelvis, as well as greater fluidity in ankle movements.

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