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SD Design Zhivago Rolled Bridle Patent Brown

$399.95 AUD



If your horse deserves nothing than the very best, the Zhivago bridle is the perfect choice! The bridle is handmade in top quality eco friendly buffalo leather, so you get a bridle you can use for many many years to come.

The bridle is with our most popular headpiece that has a double layer of padding and is maybe the softest headpiece in the world! The double layer of padding reduces pressure on the poll significantly and does not press on the surrounding nerves. The headpiece has a large contact surface, which help minimise the pressure on the neck. We are in love with this headpiece, because it helps the horse so much by minimising pressure on the sensitive poll.

The noseband is super wide in the middle and has a cut back in the sides, to be sure it does not add pressure on the nerves and there is very good space for the bit. The padding is so soft.

No reins included.

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