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Acavallo Just-Gel Sheepskin Half Pad Brown

$369.95 AUD



Acavallo® non-slip flat gel with Classic design and cut-out sheepskin. Shockproof and breathable.
Explore the comfort and functionality of the non-slip flat gel with Classic design and cut-out sheepskin. This pad offers great contact with the saddle, allowing the horse's skin to breathe while riding.
Thanks to the shaped gel, the item is thicker than a traditional pad, providing an effective combination of non-slip and cushioning. The Acavallo® Classic  Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not cause unwanted reactions in contact with the skin, allowing a safe use. Furthermore, the gel can be easily cut and adapted to any type of saddle.
A significant advantage of this pad is its ability to prevent unwanted movements of the saddle in all directions: forward, backward and sideways. The gel is able to compensate for small imperfections in the horse's back, making it also suitable for backs with more rounded conformations.
The central part has a reduced thickness to better adapt to the horse's withers and back, allowing a large space between the saddle and the gel for constant air circulation.
The Acavallo® sheepskin used in the product edge is a hypoallergenic, soft and delicate natural material, designed to prevent chafing, abrasions and blisters.
The fur selected by Acavallo® has a very high fibre density per square centimetre, making it the best natural emollient padding available. Furthermore, the sheepskin acts as a 100% insulator, avoiding the emission of electrostatic charges in contact with the horse's skin. Another essential feature of this material is its ability to absorb sweat and release it to the outside air seven times faster than synthetic materials.

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