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Acavallo Arena AluPlus Stirrups Rose Gold

$399.95 AUD


Acavallo Arena AluPlus Stirrups Rose Gold - 12CM is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


These solid stirrups with safety mechanism are made of certified anodized aluminium and feature stainless steel treads.

The stirrup features a hinged safety mechanism with a small foot stop. The rider’s weight ensures that the clasp opens in the event of a fall, preventing the foot from getting caught in the stirrup. The foot stop ensures that the clasp opens only when necessary. As soon as the foot leaves the stirrup, the clasp closes automatically.

The wide, stainless steel, anti-slip tread features extra long holes to avoid dirt accumulations between the boot sole and the tread. The tread is slightly angled, to keep the heel down. The bevelled opening for the stirrup leather ensures a good stirrup position, keeping the foot in the correct position. This gives the rider more stability and improves leg position. Per pair.

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