Sportz-Vibe Massage Horse Rug

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Designed and created by the team who brought you Ice-Vibe, Sportz-Vibe is a massage therapy rug for horses.

Sportz-Vibe is the most comfortable, lightweight and portable massage rug on the market! Ideal as a warm up or recovery rug, it helps to warm up muscles before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards. It can even be used while in the float.

Sportz-Vibe’s massage action is gentle enough that it won’t over-work your horse’s muscles, but will effectively reduce muscle tension, and removable massage panels mean you can target a specific area.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest known methods of therapy, and is renowned for its ability to promote healing. Massage can help to reduce pain, improve blood supply to tissue, and reduce inflammation. By encouraging the lymph system to move, massage helps to drain inflammation and stimulate repair to damaged tissue.

Using before exercise can help reduce the risk of injury as increasing blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments helps to make them more elastic. Sportz-Vibe can help manage every day wear and tear, and help your horse to recover more quickly after hard work. 

Sportz-Vibe has two treatment settings, and can be used up to 3 times a day:

  • Setting 1- is a gentle introduction massage, with 2-second delays between each vibration as it moves in a circuit through the 4 panels. It runs for 20mins and switches itself off so you don't need to worry about forgetting or overdoing it.
  • Setting 2 - is a more therapeutic massage, getting deeper into the tissue. Again it runs for 20mins and switches itself off.

Always ensure panels are flat side to the horse. The splitter cable will connect your 4 panels to your battery controller. You must connect the two cables of the same colour to be on the same side. i.e. 2 red cables stay on the right side, 2 black cables on the left.  For the health of your battery controller, even in periods of non-use, make sure to charge it fully at least once every 3-4 weeks.

The Sportz-Vibe rug is breathable, adjustable for horses of different builds and, once the panels and rechargeable batteries are removed, it is machine washable. The rug is available in small, medium and large to suit all horse sizes.

Comes with massage panels, universal charger and rechargeable battery which lasts up to 4 hours with an inbuilt level indicator. 

If you would like to treat more than two areas at one time, you can purchase an extra 2 panels, splitter cable and battery controller. It is not recommended to treat the 4 areas together in case of overdoing it for your horse. 

6 month warranty on all electronic parts, keep receipt for proof of purchase. You will get longer than that with good care, this warranty covers those with large yards of horses where the one battery is being used up to 10 times a day and recharged fully on a daily basis for 6 months or more.

Download the user guide here: 

Rug Size:

Small 5'3 - 5'9 (110-125cm)

Medium 6'0 - 6'6 (130-145cm)

Large 6'9 - 7'3 (155- 165cm)