Mattes Saddle Pad Custom


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Design your own deluxe SQUARE or EUROFIT saddle pad from the Mattes Collections. Add some style and class these stunning Mattes Saddle pad's from Europe. The saddle pad's are of superior quality and have many options available. Build a saddle pad as it suits you, choose from the many options below. The EUROFIT Pad's feature a popular European cut out in the rear part of the pad. Note; the Jumping and All Purpose pads are a higher cut than the Dressage pad's- please see the images. Or select a traditional SQUARE.

QUILT - the quilt made with our standard weight, double sided 100% cotton exterior. The interior of our quilt is made from our Poly-flex® material, thus ensuring that the product retains its shape whilst in use and after washing. You can also select Velvet quilt. The velvet colours are more dureable than pure cotton, available in 10 colours.

BINDING -  over 44 binding colours to choose from

CORDS -  select up to 3 cords in over 41 colours to choose from, the colour combinations are endless! ** Please note- the images image colours are written in German, the drop  down box is English- follow the colour ID numbers**

MATTES EMBROIDERED LOGO- free of charge, you can select to have the Mattes logo embroidered on the saddle pad.

SIZE- Choose between Small, Medium, Large and X Large. See size chart image

SHEEPSKIN- Choose from the following options:
Front & Rear - sheepskin on the top of the pad only.
Under Panels + Front Trim - full sheepskin panels against the horses back and the front (wither) trim (no sheepskn on top around the saddle)
Under Panels + Front & Rear Trim - full sheepskin panels against the horses back plus both front (wither) trim and rear trim around the saddle.

SaddleFix System- see tabs
Correction System- see tabs

Mattes also offer Half Pad's, Girth and Dressage boots which are all be made to match you colour scheme. We can have these all made to order for you.

There is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured lambskin onto light coloured quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of grey/light coloured horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible, due to the composition of the horses sweat, which varies horse to horse.

*Please follow the care instructions. 

*Please note- There are no returns on Mattes custom ordered products. Please ensure you have selected the correct style, size and colours.