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Hairy Pony Shimmer Spray

$34.95 AUD



Our HAIRY PONY HORSE SHIMMER SPRAY is infused with light-reflecting particles to create a show-stopping glow for any occasion. The result is a high-impact, elegant, shimmery finish that doesn’t look glittery. Perfect to use all over your horse or pony's body & tail, or to create & finish QTR markers.

The HAIRY PONY SHIMMER SPRAY features an ultra-fine, long misting nozzle. This ensures full & even coverage in only one spray that will glisten in the sun all day long! Absolutely zero dust attraction whilst being lightweight with no oils or silicones. 

Our HAIRY PONY HORSE SHIMMER SPRAY is non-oil based, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, free from silicone & glitter, and is proudly made in Australia.



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