Acavallo Dressage Girth Comfort Gel Black

Acavallo Dressage Girth Comfort Gel Black

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Synthetic, anatomically shaped dressage girth with comfort gel, which allows for better breathing and increased freedom of movement. The airflow gel padding covers a large area of the horse’s belly without pinching. The special design relieves pressure on the organs and prevents excessive heat accumulation. The girth features elastic inserts at both ends and a centre D-ring and patented safety hook for the possible attachment of draw reins. This hook has been designed to eliminate the need for additional snap hooks or straps and buckle elements. In this way, the risk of entanglement and falling of the horse when jumping, is prevented. The girth has stainless steel roller buckles with a rubber band. As a result, the prong will quickly find the punch hole of the billet, which makes girthing easier. The girth loops ensure that the girth stays perfectly in place.


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