Heritage stands for tradition, passion and authenticity. The theme of this ANKY Spring/Summer collection '19 contains several definitions and can be related both to material- and mental 'goods'. The pictures are taken on an industrial heritage location with different authentic objects. Traces from the past into the present that is visible and touchable present.


The creations and accessories in this summer collection are connected to heritage items such as pied-de-poule and bits. Shiny branded artworks are applied to value the fashionable appearance. Passionate colours like Flaming Red, Mineral Blue and Sunny Yellow with be easily combined with traditional tones like Charcoal, Estate Blue and Tawny Brown. Pale Gold and Snow White have a subtle all-over sparkle finish to give this feminine sporty collection a bit of glamour.

Enjoy the designs, create the style you like and be your own personal brand.

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